Suggested Reading Set
In The Silver Valley:

  • The Big  Burn - Timothy Egan
  • The Deep Dark - Gregg Olsen
  • Images of the Silver Valley - Historic Wallace Preservation Society
  • Growing Up Pine Creek - Ryan Wood
  • The Legend of Molly B'Dam - Deborah Mellon
  • Jessie Colby and the Great Pine Creek Fire of 1910 - Jacqueline Fields
  • Danny Wallace and the Center of the Universe - Danny Wallace
  • 100 Year of Mining - Stella Luke
  • Up the Crick - Ruby Gibson White
  • Golden History Tales, The Idaho's Coeur d'Alene Mining District - Ray Chapman
  • The History of Kellogg Idaho - Ray Chapman
  • The Big Blowup - Betty Spencer
  • Fire in the Hole - Jerry Dolph
  • The Good Times are all Gone Now - Julie Whitesel Weston
  • Rock Burst - Bert Anmarie Russell

Bike Tourism Reviews

"​After our week in Kellogg, my wife and I did read the Big Burn and the mining story (Dark Deep….) and now we have an urge to go back to the area over a long summer weekend and put it all in perspective.​"

About an organized 5 day bike ride, based in Kellogg :

"I was ready to veg out the day after, but wouldn't have foregone a mile of the ride for anything." RH, Oregon

"It was a truly awesome experience and has enriched my life in so many ways."  MW, New York

"We have talked to people who said they thought about doing this ride and then thought maybe they couldn't do it. I tell them, maybe next time--it was a very fun and worthwhile trip."  DY, Oregon

"The ride was awesome!  I hope that this will be one that is repeated in the future! I was surprised at the number of things, besides riding bike, that there are to see and do in this area!  A lot of interesting history!" CY, Oregon

"On a scale of 1 – 10, I would give each and every day a 20."  PC, Idaho

"We are very grateful for this opportunity you afforded us, as Californians, to enrich our lives. The memories abound. A moose on the trail, a two mile tunnel, and other events are things we tell our friends about."  JK